About this site

So, I have a webpage now. And you're looking at it. On this page I'll try to write about some things that interest me, especially things related to programming and software development in general.

There's a menu to the left of this text with some more things that may interest you. On my GitHub account you'll find a small selection of code that I've written over the last few years.



Built a movie recommender system

January 2013

Implemented SMView

December 2013

Implemented Azurify

September 2013

Obtained Bachelor's degree

September 2013

Got a job at Soluso

February 2012

Implemented ChessHS

January 2012

Won first place in "Project in Embedded Systems"

January 2012

Full bonus points for "Embedded Systems 1"

October 2011

Implemented indexedset

July 2011